How does a strange recovered artefact connect the illustrious history of a small oil town, to one of the greatest museum heists in modern history? A dark secret has been protected for hundreds of years, but now, an innocent middle-class family is forced to find the answer and make the connection.



Retired construction worker Edward James discovers what appears to be an old pocket watch at the annual garage sale in his hometown of Petrolia. The device has only a single hand, no winding crown, and strange symbols adorning the dial. Posting photos online to uncover information about the watch leads to a meeting with an evasive man, only adding to the mystery. Edward acts on advice from a friend and travels to Brooklyn, New York to consult an old watchmaker. His innocent quest for knowledge soon becomes the adventure of a lifetime, as Edward and his family are plunged into the depths of a closely guarded secret. They have only their resourcefulness, life experience, and familial bond to confront a new and dangerous reality.

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