Art DaCosta

I finished the book and I liked it. Here are the reasons why I enjoyed it. The writing style was excellent almost literary and very easy to follow. Some books are a burden to read but this was not the case with this novel. The beginning and the ending were in my opinion very good. I especially enjoyed the ending! The theme of precision technology has always been of interest to me and I was intrigued with the description of the precision watch throughout the entire book. Another aspect that really peaked my interest was the local flavour. Having the action take place in Petrolia was interesting to me since I know the place and could identify with the local surroundings. Another observation that hit me was that there was not a single use of profanity throughout the entire book which now days is rare. I found this very refreshing. I have only one negative comment and it is strictly a personal opinion. It is said that you can’t judge a book by its cover. WATCH is a good example of this saying. If I were in a book store shopping for a new book to read I would never pick up this book. The cover is not visually appealing to me and does not call my name which is too bad because the book is very good. People who are just simply browsing for a book to read may not be attracted to this cover. I also personally don’t care for the single word title.